I do love this time of year when the warmer weather comes around but the reality is that living in Scotland one day to the next can bring a dramatic weather change. One minute you can be in the sunshine wearing a light dress and the next you’re needing a cover up and umbrella.


For me, I try not to compromise my outfits too much and make the most of the sunny days when they do come, whilst being prepared for the rain that may arrive. Usually, that involves carrying a sweater and scarf but also making sure I have the right footwear and most importantly am not wearing anything that could be ruined by wind, rain and everything that comes with it.


One of my favourite go to outfits on days that it’s a little cooler and rain forecast is this white midi skirt and sweater combo. If It’s really warm then I can wear wedge espadrilles or sandals and remove the sweater to just a t-shirt underneath but in the meantime am warm enough come rain or shine.

Here is a round up of some of my top pieces to wear when the cooler spring and summer days are here.