I love living in Scotland but one thing that I do find frustrating is, unsurprisingly, the weather. It’s so unpredictable and often interchangeable, making it difficult to make plans and stick to them.


This summer the weather pattern seams to be glorious sunshine during the week and rainy days at the weekend, which is annoying to say the least. So, one sunny Tuesday I decided that we were both going to leave the office early and head to the beach.


We packed a picnic full of some of our favourite foods, including crayfish sub rolls and fresh local strawberries, and headed to the beach. Not only was it so nice to be making the most of the weather but also to just drop our busy work schedules for one day and enjoy time together.

I wore https://shopstyle.it/l/6pum. Despite being a dress lover I don’t own too many maxi dresses due to the worry that they drown me and make me look shorter than I actually am. But this one is perfectly fitted, in shape and length.


I love the lightweight material which is comfortable to wear and blew in the wind as we walked along the beach. The capped sleeves are perfect for the Scottish summer and I carried a knitted cardigan in my bag just in case.


We must have spent over three hours at the beach that afternoon - walking along the sand dunes, tucking into our picnic and having a little siesta in the sun. It was the perfect afternoon and most certainly didn’t feel like a Tuesday.