I love the days when I have an occasion to attend and am able to get dressed up, but like most people the majority of the time I’m simply living life - going to work, travelling, spending time at home or just relaxing. On those days I tend to be dressed much more casual, wearing some of my favourite staple items.

These are pieces that I have re bought time and time again, meaning that I have a wardrobe full of items that I can easily mix and match, whether I’m in the office or just at home, and no matter what the weather.

Everyone has different style meaning that everyone’s basics are different. It took me a while to find mine but now that I have them I feel put together even just in a pair of white jeans and a striped breton. I’m sure your wardrobe basics will be different to mine but here are a few of my favourites that have seen me through recent years, and I’m sure years to come.

If your basics are leaving you feeling a bit uninspired then why not upgrade a couple? This doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money as you would on a series of new outfits but instead selecting just a couple of pieces that you can switch between, add to existing outfits or have a new fall back option.