Following a long period of weekends away or busyness we like to spend some time at home.

It’s not often that we have nothing on at the weekend but when we do it’s so nice to wake up gradually, have a slow start to the day and enjoy pottering around the house doing odd jobs.

On those weekends we usually get up a little later, stay in our pyjamas and have a long leisurely breakfast. Recently, I’ve been enjoying a small bowl of Greek yoghurt and granola topped with honey and a couple of slices of toast with marmalade, with a cup of tea or glass of juice on the side.


One of my favourite brands to stock my breakfast cupboard with is Bakery Lane. Offering a range of fresh products including crunchy granola, jams, preserves and sweet treats, this is the perfect place to find everything for a great weekend breakfast.

If you’re looking for something great to make for a Saturday morning breakfast or brunch, try out this marmalade loaf from Bakery Lane. Bursting with fresh flavour and perfect with a smothering of marmalade, this is my new go to when we have friends to stay, or just as a little weekend breakfast treat.

You’ll Need

  • 175g butter

  • 175g caster sugar

  • 3 eggs

  • 120g Bakery Lane autumn marmalade, plus a little extra to glaze

  • 1 orange

  • 225g self raising flour

  • 1 tsp baking powder

Preheat the oven to 180C and line a loaf tin. Cream together the butter and sugar and beat in the eggs until light and fluffy.

Fold in the flour and baking powder and stir together with orange zest, juice and autumn marmalade. Pour into a lined loaf tin and cook for around 45 minutes until golden.

Remove the loaf from the oven and place on a cooling rack. Warm up the extra marmalade and drizzle over the loaf.

Thank you to Bakery Lane for sponsoring this blog post. You can receive 10% off all Bakery Lane products using code JULES10. Enjoy!