As a budding gin lover I've tried many varieties of the spirit. The market is extremely saturated and in Scotland it's most definitely not difficult to find yourself trying many different brands from across the country. 

We're lucky enough to have plenty of distilleries on our doorstep but after a few years of making my way across Scotland's gin map I've finally found the one. 

Offered in a simple yet classic bottle with a cork stopper and clean cut copper packaging, The Teasmith has quickly become by favourite type of tipple. 

Not too sweet, and for me, more importantly, not too strong, the botanical infused gin is perfect for both warm summer days and cosy winter evenings alike. A dash of Fevertree tonic and a little mint brings out the light fruity and slightly floral flavours of the gin, creating the perfect sip. 

This summer, on one Sunday evening, I decided to mix things up a little and try my hand at cocktail making using The Teasmith. 

Rummaging around in the fridge, I made use of a few leftover strawberries to create a fruit-based cocktail. The result was a refreshing, sweet and perfectly pink cocktail which can be enjoyed with plenty of ice. 

Here's what you'll need to make my Teasmith Strawberry Gin Cocktail. 

For One Cocktail: 
A measure of The Teasmith
Three strawberries
One Teaspoon of Sugar
One Small Bottle of Fevertree tonic
A Slice of Lime
Handful of Ice

Slice two of the strawberries into quarters and add to the bottom of a tall glass. Add the sugar and muddle together using a spoon. 

Pour in a measure of The Teasmith and top up with a little tonic. Add the ice, not too much, a slice of lime and the remaining strawberry. I froze the strawberry and lime garnish to make the drink extra refreshing. 

Sit back and sip away before moving onto your next. 

Thank you to The Teasmith for partnering with Jules and the Crown on this blog post. For more information about the brand or to find your own bottle, visit