My granny's lemon drizzle cake has long been a favourite in our house so I decided to try the recipe, with my own twist.  

I used my traditional Victoria sponge recipe with added lemon and created my own cream cheese frosting - the result was zesty lemony goodness.  


I originally tried this recipe for a dessert for a group of four people but if you're aiming to make a celebratory cake then I recommend doubling up the ingredients to make sure that you're cake is nicely stacked.  

It's the perfect tea time cake and the recipe is so easy that you'll probably never need it again.

Here is what you will need:  

Sponge Cake  

One Round Cake Tin

Two Large Eggs  

4oz (113g) Self Raising Flour  

4oz (113g) Caster Sugar  

4oz (113g) Unsalted Butter

Zest of One Lemon


Juice of One Lemon

2oz (55g) Icing Sugar  


8oz (250g) Cream Cheese

2oz (50g) Unsalted Butter (room temperature)

4oz (100g) Icing Sugar  


Pre-heat the oven to 170oc.  

Start by making the sponge. Cream together the cake ingredients until you have a smooth batter which drops easily from a wooden spoon. Grease the cake tins with a little butter and spoon in the mixture - I always use a metal spoon to do this part as it tends to keep the air locked in. Bake for around 30 minutes or until the cake is golden and cooked through.  


While the cake is baking, make your lemon drizzle by mixing together the lemon juice and icing sugar. The mixture should be poured over the cake once it is cooked but still hot. I like to pierce a few small holes in the cake with a skewer to make sure that the juice soaks in.  


As the cake is cooling mix up the frosting. Beat together the ingredients and once the cake is cool add to the top with a spoon. 


Although a perfectly decorated cake is nice, with lemon drizzle cake I like to ruffle up the icing a little. It gives the cake more texture. I also added slices of lemon and small basil leaves to decorate but you can add whatever takes your fancy. Slices of lime, raspberries or flowers all work well. 


Enjoy a slice of this zesty cake with a cup of tea on a sunny afternoon.