In just a couple of weeks I’ll be turning 28. I think I say this every year but that number doesn’t seem quite right, it’s crept up too fast. But, as I think back to my last birthday and the year that has been in between I realise just how much as happened.

A lot can change in one year - I’ve moved into a new role at work, celebrated some of my closest friends’ engagements and the arrival of their babies, taken on new opportunities that I never would have dreamed of for Jules and the Crown, traveled to some amazing places and met some great people.


There have definitely been a few downs in among the excitement but I am so thankful for the past 12 months and all that they have brought. This year we’ll be celebrating my birthday in the wonderful city of Paris and so I’m hoping that kick starts another great year.


Many of you ask, either in person or via messages on Instagram, what it was that made me want to start Jules and the Crown and although it is just at its beginning and still very young, the honest answer is I started just for me. I really wanted somewhere that I could be creative, share my style and favourite moments and so that’s what I did and do today. I never imagined that I would get to work with some great brands - both big and small - get to meet so many new people through this channel and have a hobby that I constantly love.


So, my birthday wish is to encourage those of you that have pondered over starting something new - whether it be a blog of your own, a new career path or hobby - to go for it. Just start somewhere, do what you love and please let me know how you get on. Cheers! x