When summer arrives one of my favourite things to do is to enjoy the morning light. Whether that means sitting outside in the early hours or just soaking up the sun as it shines in through the kitchen, I like to be able to make the most of our summer weekends at home.

Most mornings are busy for us, whether we’re heading off to work, travelling, entertaining or getting ready for a day out. So, on mornings that we have little planned, usually a Sunday, we take things slow, recharge our batteries and enjoy each other’s company.


For that reason I try not to spend my laid-back mornings cooking in the kitchen and instead rustle up something delicious but simple. Most recently that has been a bowl of fresh yoghurt made in Aberdeenshire, local berries, some of the best homemade granola from Bakery Lane and a drizzle of good honey.

Even if we have friends staying I find this is a no-fail breakfast - you can’t go wrong with fresh, local and healthy ingredients. Each of my friends who have stayed with us and tried Bakery Lane’s granola and cereals has, like me, become hooked, taking home their own bag or later ordering one for themselves. I even sent a box purely of Bakery Lane granola to my best friend half way through her pregnancy to fuel her cravings.


Based in Aberdeenshire, Bakery Lane is a small catering company offering freshly-baked sweet treats, jams and chutneys and of course breakfast goods. Run by the lovely Alice, the small business's products can be found in cafes and stores across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire as well as online if you live further afield.


Recently I’ve been enjoying my Sunday mornings with a bowl of the cranberry and coconut granola alongside some Barra Berries strawberries and Rora Dairy yoghurt - two other small but great local companies. Other favourites include raspberry, white chocolate and almond granola, which is great on top of pancakes with a dollop of yoghurt, and the maple and pecan granola which I lived off last autumn. And if you’re looking for some preserves, then the grapefruit gin marmalade is a no brainer.

Thank you to Bakery Lane for sponsoring this post by gifting products.