In just a few short weeks the official start of summer will be marked. It’s one of my favourite times of year when the days get longer and warmer, bringing much more opportunities for outdoor activities and time to enjoy Scotland’s scenery.

In light of this, here is my summer to-do-list. I’m keen to tick everything off the list but hope that it provides a little inspiration for you too. Let me know on Instagram @julesbrander what you’re up to!

1.       Go fruit picking at Middleton of Potterton Farm and make some homemade jam

2.       Attend Aberdeen Bake Club’s picnic in the park

3.       Keep our garden blooming so we can enjoy plenty of barbeques

4.       Visit Barra Berries in Inverurie for the best strawberry ice cream

5.       Attend at least one Highland Games event or gathering

6.       Pay Aberdeen’s newly opened Café Harmony a visit

7.       Make iced tea for the first time and enjoy on the lawn

8.       See as many castles as possible across Scotland

9.       Make homemade ice-cream or sorbet

10.      Plan plenty of weekend picnics and eat too much cheese