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Now that we're fully in the swing of the New Year, it's easy to fall into a rut. Things may have got off to a good start but it's important to not let yourself go into hibernation mode. I've pulled together my top tips for staying motivated this year and to keep you feeling great. 

Get Inspired

Everyone is inspired in different ways but I find that paying attention to people or subjects that I can relate to really helps. Over the past few weeks I've spent time reading other foodie blogs for recipes that suit my diet such as Madeleine Shaw, Niomi Smart, Deliciously Ella and Hemsley and Hemsley as well as lifestyle bloggers who share well being interests such as The Food Medic, Monica Beatrice at The Elgin Avenue and Ella Gregory at Coco's Tea Party

I've also been very late to the podcast party and started listening to a few podcasts a week - I can't believe it's taken me so long! So far I'm loving listening to At Home With..., Talking Tastebuds and Let's Discuss

Wear Your Power Outfits

It may seem ridiculous but feeling good in my workout gear helps keep me motivated. I feel so much more confident and although many of my workout time is at home, every little helps. I love opting for bold colours that I wouldn't usually have in my everyday wardrobe. 

Map Your Workout Routine

One of my worst downfalls when it comes to working out is bad planning. I find that if I don't plan ahead then I easily fallout of a rhythm and end up achieving a lot less than I had hoped for. This year I've started mapping out which days I'm working out and what activity I'm doing when. It can be as easy as saying I want to complete two HIIT workouts and one yoga session per week. 

Control Your Cravings

Snacks and sweet treats are my nemesis. I spend plenty of time planning my meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner but when I'm busy at work or travelling I find it so hard not to pick up a quick bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps to eat on the go. To help combat my snacking enemies I've been stocking up at my desk, in my handbag and at home on plenty of yummy but healthy goodies. Livia's Kitchen has some amazing treats including biccy boms with salted maca caramel and raw millionaire bites while Sourced Box deliver a whole selection of sweet and savoury snacks. 

Later this week I'll be attending the Edinburgh Wellbeing Festival so I'm sure I'll have plenty more inspiration and motivation to share from there. It's set to be a great event - if you're in Scotland visit to find out more.