Spring has officially arrived. The blossom trees are in full colour, daffodils are sprouting up left, right and centre and I've finally started bringing some colour back to my wardrobe.


It's one of my favourite times of year, along with Christmas of course, and a recent visit to Almondine in Aberdeen reminded me just how much I love getting ready for the warmer months.

I was on a lunch date with the lovely Anastasia from Natbees talking over some exciting plans and Almondine couldn't have been more of a perfect setting. 

This French-inspired macaron cafe brings a Parisian touch to the city with it's stylish pastel decor, vintage crockery and mouth-watering menu.


Located on Thistle Street close to the West End, the outlet launched in 2011 as a family run patisserie specialising in macarons. 

The small yet experienced team crafts a range of delicious desserts, cakes and macarons for any occasion as well as offering a cafe and restaurant which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. 

It's hard to see past the sweet treats including pastries, opera cake and of course macarons which with their may colours resemble a Pantone Colour palette. But we managed and opted for two savoury crepes flavoured with a chicken and mushroom filling. 


I'm often not a great fan of savoury crepes, I'm much more of a lemon juice and sugar kind of girl, but these were perfectly cooked and just the right balance of filling to crepe.

I also decided to try one of flower teas which caught my eye. The drink arrived as a tall heat proof wine glass (what a great invention!) with what looked like a bulb in it. I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen next but was very pleasantly surprised to see the tiny bulb unfold into a floating flower filled with jasmine and rose as the waitress poured in hot water. 


Anastasia ordered an orange juice and as it arrived freshly squeezed I quickly became quite envious. It's hard to come by real fresh orange juice - often you ask for a glass at a brunch and are very dissapointed when a bottle of Schweppes arrives. So I must remember that Almondine is the place to go for authentic orange juice in Aberdeen. 


I was pretty full up after the crepe but definitely had space for a macaron, it would be rude not to. We browsed the marble counter for some time before selecting two Easter themed white chocolate macarons. I took a cute bunny and Anastasia enjoyed a brightly coloured yellow chick. 


What I should have done next was collect a box of macarons to take home as that night I was craving dessert. I'm sure my next trip to Almondine won't be too far away...

Find out more about Almondine in Aberdeen, Scotland here