I often find myself down a rabbit hole, scrolling through endless amounts of content on Instagram and Pinterest and before I know it time has disappeared. To limit this happening I’ve been trying my best not to spend so much time on my phone and instead revert back to enjoying time offline.

This has included moving any of my notes and to-do-lists off screen and onto good old-fashioned paper. I’ve always been a lover of stationery and despite having endless amounts of beautiful notebooks I rarely make the time to fill them. But, that has changed and I’m now carrying around a notebook in my handbag every day so that I can jot down any thoughts that pop into my mind, ideas or shopping lists.


I also have a couple of spaces dedicated to plans for our garden, which includes rough sketches of what I would love it to look like by the end of the year and everything needed to get it there. There’s also a rogue autumn bucket list where I’m keeping a note of anything that I would love enjoy next season, from pumpkin picking and walks with spiced lattes to a quick cosy getaway.

Having a notebook that you love I’m sure makes all the difference to how much you use it. For me, the look and feel of the cover and binding is key but also the quality of the paper and overall design. My current notebook is from Papier and complete with a pastel-coloured scallop design. There are no lines, no grids, just plenty of space for me to doodle and make every note needed. The high quality paper makes writing neatly that little easier and the binding stays well intact, even when brought in and out of my bag a few times a day.


Keeping my habit of staying offline more, I’ve also been reminding friends, family and loved ones that I’m thinking of them via a small card. Rather than messaging on WhatsApp or by text, a letter or card in the post is that little bit more special and thoughtful, brightening up someone’s day. These cards from Papier, which match the notebook, have been great little tokens to send to friends after our busy wedding season to say thank you for allowing us to celebrate with them on their special day.


One of the things that I love most about the cards is that their personalized. I’ve owned notebooks in the past titled with my name but personalized cards are something that have been on my list for a long, long time. They now sit proudly on our hall dresser.

Thank you to Papier for sponsoring this post by gifting products.