I have this problem, and it seems to be a recurring problem. I stay up way past my bedtime.

In an ideal world, every weekday evening I would start winding down around 9pm, have a hot drink, with a face mask on, reading a book and then slide into bed at 10pm. In reality I do plan all of this but it just doesn’t happen. Instead I find myself watching pointless TV whilst working or distracting myself on Instagram and Pinterest, leading to getting to sleep long past 11pm. And every single night, and the next morning when I feel extremely tired, I wonder how I got there yet again and promise myself that I will go to bed earlier.

In an effort to try and break my bad nightly habits I’ve created a list of self-reminders to help me switch off from work, relax and get a good night’s sleep.

·         Get my most important work done as early as possible and leave the rest until tomorrow. I think this is one of my most crucial points because in my job, as with many, I could go on working until the small hours of the morning. Instead I’m trying to remind myself that tomorrow does exist and not everything has to be finished today.

·         Start my bedtime routine earlier. I often find myself thinking about my bedtime routine but not actually doing it. I’m hoping that by making a conscious effort to start my routine earlier, and being consistent, I’ll get there eventually.

·         Enjoy the things I love. The silly thing about falling away from my routine is that I don’t actually enjoy watching pointless TV and really would much rather have a hot cup of peppermint tea, put on a face mask and get into bed with a book and a hot water bottle. I’m going to try and add the things that I love into my bedtime routine, with the hope that that makes me stick to it more.

·         Put my phone away. Really away. I’m so so bad for putting my phone on the bed side table and then as soon as I think I can’t sleep pick it up again. It’s really tempting with it being right there so instead I’ll be trying to move it away from the side of my head and to the dressing table at the other end of the room. That should also help combat my morning habit of picking my phone up before I’m even properly awake.