Mother’s Day is a special time of year for many people. Whether you’re celebrating a mum, a close family friend, an aunt or a best friend who has always been there, it’s a time to take the opportunity to say thank you and treat the people you cherish most.

This Mother’s Day my sister and I wanted to pick the perfect present for our mum. We wanted to choose something unique that she would never buy herself to say thank you for everything that she has done for us over the past year. No matter what our mum is going through herself she always seems to be there for us – whether it’s a helping hand, offering advice, making us laugh when we need it most or a shoulder to cry on – so it’s important that we celebrate her and everything that she does to look after both of us, even now that we both live away from home.


Luckily in Aberdeen we have an amazing and beautiful brand called Native Sister which creates the most lovely bespoke gift boxes. You can choose a readymade box such as this one which I featured in the run up to Christmas or a box unique to you which has only the products that you have chosen included.

The girls at Native Sister are great at providing advice on what to include. All you have to do is tell them who the box is for, why you’re treating them and a few tips on what types of products they enjoy. So, when I told them that my mum was in need of some TLC they came up with the perfect box for her.

With the theme of relaxing and a little ‘me time’ we chose together four products that we thought would be ideal for a quiet evening in, encouraging my mum to take some well-needed rest. This included lavender bath essence, lavender & rose germanium soap, an aurora pearl mask to tend to tired eyes and cocoa dusted chocolate truffles.


Packaged in a beautiful box, tied with ribbon and finished with a dried flower, this was exactly what we were looking for this Mother’s Day. We knew straight away that mum would be excited to open the box and when she did she loved the contents inside.


We celebrated Mother’s Day a little early this year due to us now living in different cities but these gift boxes from Native Sister can be enjoyed any time of year – for a birthday, a wedding, an engagement or just to spoil someone that you love. The ease of the website and help of the girls at Native Sister makes creating a unique gift box so simple and completely takes away any hassle of finding individual products and packing them up yourself.

Thank you to Native Sister for sponsoring this blog post. Make sure to look at their website at www.native-sister.com and have a wonderful Mother’s Day, no matter who you’re celebrating.