Following my recent blog post on ‘how we styled our living room’, I thought I would move onto my next favourite room in the house - the kitchen,

As someone that finds cooking and baking therapeutic, it’s important to me that our kitchen is equipped with everything that makes these hobbies so enjoyable. Although we’ve haven’t redecorated the kitchen, other than a quick coat of paint, we have spent time researching which gadgets to add, including what is going to last us for years to come, what fits with the style of the room, and what is generally going to do the job.

With that in mind, here is a list of our favourite and most used kitchen gadgets.

I’m not a coffee drinker however Cameron is, and so are many of our visiting friends and family. We wanted a machine that would produce good coffee whilst fitting neatly in a tight space and this was the one.

Both my Mum and Granny always used a KitchenAid mixer when baking and so when I was gifted my own I felt like I had entered proper adulthood. This stand mixer saves me so much time when baking, making it even more of a joy.

We’ve had a Sonos speaker in our living room for some time and recently added an Amazon Echo Dot to the kitchen. It’s great for having music playing in the background but also for quickly finding out the answers to recipe questions.

I’ve had this blender for such a long time now and still love it. I use it for everything from quick morning smoothies and small batches of soup to sauces and salsa.