I have this awful habit of buying things that don't suit me. The size and shape might be right but the colour can quite often be awful. For example, I often wear black or grey to the office which I know makes me look pale and washed out but I continue to wear it. 

I decided to change things and set up a meeting with Hayley from HJC Styling in Aberdeen. I was slightly nervous ahead of the session but Hayley has this amazing way of putting your mind at ease and letting you know that you're not going to walk out looking completely different from as you walked in. Instead she talks through the subtle changes that you can make to your wardrobe that will make a huge difference. 

Placing a white gown on me, something that looks like a little like what you would wear in a hairdressers, she held a series of colours close to my face. Each colour was selected from a palette, so we went through different variations of blue, then green, then red and so on, until we found the colours that were right for me. 

It was amazing to see the difference. There were several colours that I was drawn to but when held against me didn't suit my complexion at all. I was a little disappointed to see that a fiery red didn't work well however colours that aren't quite right can be added elsewhere, away from your face, such as on shoes or a bag. 

Once I had a defined list of colours that suited me Hayley was able to work out my overall colour scheme. Turns out I'm a 'spring/summer' with colours such as blush pink, sky blue and light navy suiting me. 

Although I didn't think the session would completely change how I shop and choose clothes it has made a difference. I'm able to return to my palette and select items that I know will work with my complexion, which makes sifting through ASOS a lot easier...

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