Over the years I’ve built up quite the collection of recipe books, some new and some handed down from my Mum and Granny. Depending on the season and my mood I switch between different books and often find myself having a ‘flavour of the month’ before moving onto the next. That said, I have a core range that are my go-to, whether I’m baking a cake for a friend, cooking a weekend dinner or just trying out something new.

Here are some of my favourite recipe books and authors.

The Joyful Home Cook, Rosie Birkett

I’ve only been using this book for a few months but it’s a firm favourite, and I’m sure will be in years to come. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that this year we’ve really got into gardening and The Joyful Home Cook is the perfect way of making the most of some of the produce that we’ve been growing. It’s great for using fresh, simple and seasonal ingredients throughout the year.

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Delia’s Complete Cookery Course, Delia Smith

Delia Smith will always be the cookery book author of my childhood. My Mum brings her book out every Christmas and a few years ago I inherited one of my very own. This book is perfect for traditional recipes such as Victoria sponge or a Sunday roast.

Get The Glow, Madeleine Shaw

Get the Glow was the first book which really got into healthy cooking and eating. Prior to using this book I thought that being healthy was all about eating salads and rice but Madeleine Shaw opened a world of tasty and good for you recipes.

Deliciously Ella Everyday, Ella Woodward

Similar to Get the Glow, this book showed me how simple healthy cooking really is. Following a period of being unwell it was the recipes from this book that in many ways brought me back to health. Everyone is different but if you suffer from stomach problems like me then this is a great one to read and try.

Elisabeth and Butter (blog)

Elisabeth and Butter is one of the most inspiring places for baking. I can easily get lost in the many sweet recipes available - recently I made the lemon and thyme shorbread cookies for a work chairty fundraiser and they were a hit.

I would love to know your recipe book and blog recommendations in the comments.