We’re lucky enough to live in the city but also have a garden. It may be small, and shared with our neighbours, but it’s a place where we can spend sunny weekends and potter.

The past couple of summers I’ve only gardened when the weather is at its best, but this year I’m committed to spending time outdoors as long as the weather is dry, even if a little cold. That means that on evenings when I don’t have too much on I can be outside weeding, planting and most importantly getting some fresh air.


In all honesty I’ve always been a little scared of gardening, worried that we’ll spend a small fortune buying plants only for them to be left to die or eaten by slugs and snails. As a child I was brought up in the garden, with both my parents and granny, so the knowledge of what to do and what not to do is in there somewhere.

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To get my confidence up I’ve been reading some gardening blogs and catching up on a few TV programmes which provide helpful hints and tips. It goes without saying that Monty Don is the king of gardening but fellow garden lovers on Instagram have also proven extremely useful.


This year I’ve started off by not getting ahead of myself. I’m spending time preparing the garden and getting it in a state that I’m happy with before moving on to planting flowers, herbs and vegetables, which always seems much more fun. I’ve been weeding, racking the lawn, painting pots and only just the other day added my first flowers, which look so much better situated in a tidy space.

Over the next few weeks, and months, my challenge is to keep that going. Every week I’m learning what I should be planting in the North East climate, bringing the grass back to a reasonable state and adding flowers that eventually I can cut to take indoors.