From warming bowls of porridge to cosy evenings, it's safe to say that I'm a hygge convert.

Channeling my inner Dane, I've been reading Hygge: The Danish Art of Happiness and adding every scented candle you can think of to my home, all in a bid to bring more hygge into my life. So you can imagine my excitement when I realised, on a girly weekend to Edinburgh, that the city has its very own hygge hub. 

Soderberg, nestled in Edinburgh's modern Quartermile development, is a cafe providing everything you need for the ultimate hygge experience. Filled with Scandi-style furniture and fleece covered chairs, the bakery offers a menu of freshly prepared breakfast and lunch items as well as health boosting juices. 

I was lucky enough to visit Soderberg twice over the weekend, making a stop for a quick breakfast on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.

It was a hard choice between the cardamom bun or loaf of levain for breakfast but in the end I opted for the baked eggs alongside a carrot, ginger and apple juice. And I wasn't disappointed.

The following Sunday morning I moved on to the sourdough pizza topped with mozzarella and vine tomatoes, which was baked in the cafe's own pizza oven. I may not have chosen the most extravagant of toppings but this pizza is definitely in my top ten all time favourites.

With outlets across Edinburgh, Soderberg also offers a selection of sweet treats including mudcake and seven kinds of cookies so I'll be sure to pay another visit next time I'm in the city. Yay for hygge! 

Find our more about Soderberg and its locations, visit www.soderberg.uk