It may have taken a little longer for the warm weather to arrive in Scotland but high temperatures were predicted prior to our June trip to the South of Spain meaning that I wanted to be full prepared, both with my wardrobe and skincare.

The days ahead of a trip abroad are always the same for me - frantically trying to pack, finishing up in the office and getting through endless amounts of washing. This usually leaves no time to do what I actually want to be doing - getting myself, including my skin, body and hair, ready for holiday mode.

This holiday, due to work busyness and family issues, I completely ran out of time to do my usual holiday prep and so booked in to PURE Spa. With locations across the country you can easily find an outlet nearby which offers everything needed for a getaway, whether it be a quick manicure, a full body exfoliation or treat for the feet.

Booking into the Union Square, Aberdeen spa, I opted for a series of treatments which aim to invigorate the whole body and ensure that it’s ready for some summer sun.

I arrived just after work, which was a lovely treat after a busy day in the office, and was welcomed with a fluffy gown, slippers and glass of cold water to keep me hydrated during the 60 minute session. Once changed into my robe - I had brought swimwear to wear underneath - I wandered into the relaxation area of the spa for a quick consultation with the therapist to make sure that I chose the right treatments for my skin type and what I was trying to achieve.


Throughout the year my skin changes quite a lot but at this time, just at the start of summer, I’m always looking for a healthy glow across my face and body. Based on this, I chose a series of essential oils featuring some of my favourite scents such as frangipani to help me relax but also give my skin plenty of moisture and rejuvenation.

The first treatment was a foot scrub. If there’s one area of my body that I’m not good at looking after it’s my feet, so this was a much needed massage and exfoliation, especially ahead of slipping on my sandals in Seville in just a few days. Straight away my feet felt silky smooth and although I didn’t opt to have a colour added to my toes this is easy to do and would have your feet summer ready in no time.

Next, we moved onto a full body exfoliation. This included dry brushing which is still quite a new concept to me but something I know that plenty of my friends do. I definitely felt the benefits, both in my skin but also muscles which had been aching from too many hours at my desk. The addition of a salt scrub and rubbing in the essentials oils that I had chosen made my skin feel hydrated after too many weeks of not enough moisturising.

Given I was now covered in salt scrub and rather a lot of oil I jumped in the shower for a few mintues to wash before moving onto the facial and massage. For a spa located in a shopping centre it was amazing to see just how spacious Pure Spa really is, complete with changing facilities, showers and a sauna, which I was set to enjoy once the treatment had finished, and a relaxation area.


Back in a fresh robe and slippers, I stepping into the treatment room again for a facial and neck, back and shoulder massage. Having had plenty of issues in the past I do stick to my face skincare religiously but nothing quite beats a facial. Not only is it so much more relaxing than applying your own mask at home but I always think that the having a therapist who really knows what they’re doing makes the world of difference.

Although I do love visiting a spa, one thing that I struggle with is a massage. So many people that I know love massages but in all honesty I often struggle to switch off and enjoy it. That said, having a neck, back and shoulder massage was perfect for stopping me hunch from stress and get rid of knots that had been causing me some bother.

Just over one hour later and I had finished the treatment and was left to relax until I was ready to leave the room. I headed back to the shower area where a sauna was free, with no one else there, for me to use as long as I liked. After enjoying such a relaxing experience it’s sometimes nice to switch off from the outside world for just a little longer.

I may have only been away from the reality for the early part of an evening but it made a huge difference. I was able to switch off from my to-do-list and come out feeling ready to head to Spain.

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