This summer I’ve shaken up my beauty routine. I’ve switched to moisturisers that have a higher SPF, been wearing little to no make-up every day and also been taking much better care of my hair.

I love being a blonde but struggle with fine hair that often lacks volume and any sort of shape. To try and get it into a better condition I’ve stopped washing my locks each day, been leaving it to dry naturally and only using my curlers at the weekend when we’re out and about.


I’ve also been sticking to products which I know are good for my hair and not full of harmful chemicals that often build up grease or cause dryness. In recent months this has been switching out cheap supermarket brands and instead using System Professional – a hair care and styling brand used by professionals for healthier hair.

I’m just less than two months into my new regime and already feeling the benefit. My hair feels stronger with less breakages and split ends as well as glossier and generally far healthier.

Here are some of my top tips for creating luscious locks this summer.


Use the right shampoo and conditioner for you

I’ve spent many months finding the right products for me and my hair. Like my skin, the condition of my hair can change throughout the year depending on the weather but at the moment my hair is loving the System Professional Inessence range.

The shampoo and conditioner leave my hair feeling lovely and clean but not full of product which given I have fine hair often weights it down.  


Go natural

On days that I can, usually when I’m in the office with no meetings or spending time at home, I leave my hair to air dry. This is only possible during the warmer summer months but I’m making the most of it and loving the difference.

Using a hairdryer along with straighteners or curlers instantly causes heat damage. I’m lucky enough that my hair dries relatively quickly and with a little curl so I only need to comb it a few times during the day and it looks fine.  

Take good care of your hair

A couple of products added to your hair routine throughout the week can make all the difference. Once a week I use the System Professional Repair Mask which not only feels relaxing when using but also brings my hair back to life.


Wash your hair every second day, or less

This is probably my biggest downfall when it comes to looking after my hair. I struggle not to wash my hair each day – it just doesn’t feel clean without washing it all the time – but this summer I’ve been trying harder to skip a day.

It can’t always be done but not washing it every day definitely helps to stop breaks and generally adds growth. In between washes I’ve been using System Professional Instant Energy dry conditioner which adds a little life back into my hair but also gives a conditioned texturing making it easier to style.

Thank you to System Professional for sponsoring this post by gifting products.