For as long as I can remember I’ve had problems with my skin, from sensitive skin as a child to teenage acne back to sensitive skin as an adult. I go through phases of having lovely glowing skin to then a breakout which takes time to get back under control, with everything including weather, stress and hormones affecting it.

It can be really frustrating at times but one thing that I find makes a really difference is a good skincare routine that can be adapted depending on time of year and general life. Recently, thanks to work being busy, a change in weather and travelling, I’ve been struggling to keep my skin clear. I kept my skincare regime much the same, swapping in and out a couple of products, but decided to book in for a facial to see if that would help, and thank goodness I did.

Not only is a good facial great for resolving skin problems and creating balance but I also find it’s an amazing stress reliever. I honestly feel so much more relaxed after a facial, in my mind and with tension removed from my face.


I decided to book in for a facial at local beauty salon Belle Vie which is in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. I hadn’t visited this particular salon in the past but the reviews online are great and the range of treatments offered is extensive. From typical treatments such as waxing and massages to more specialised services including dermaplaning, there is something for every body and every face.

I opted for the Sothys facial, which is prescribed for sensitive and problematic skin thanks to its gentle products, as well as the eye contour treatment to banish my dark circles and puffiness.

Lasting just over an hour, each treatment was incredibly relaxing and left my skin feeling less tired and irritated and instead glowing and full of life. I could have been there all day, letting the therapist work her magic.


As a day spa, Belle Vie offers a range of packages including a morning, afternoon or day of treatments accompanied by afternoon tea which ensures that you’re well fed whilst enjoying being pampered. My sister and I were both visiting and given we had booked late morning appointments a few sandwiches and cakes, freshly prepared by a local bakery, were a great lunchtime treat.

As I write this it’s been four days since my treatments. The glow from the facial has lasted really well – even through another busy week at work – and although I have had a few breakouts which is normal for me, my skin has generally felt healthier and refreshed.

If you’re like me and suffer from blemishes, breakouts and sensitive skin, here are my top tips:

·         Drink plenty of water throughout the day

·         Moisturise whenever you can, using serums and non-perfumed moisturisers

·         Wear light make up such as Bare Minerals to allow your skin to breathe

·         Tie your hair away from your face when sleeping to avoid any unnecessary oils

·         Squeeze in a facial every now and again to rebalance your skin

Thank you to Belle Vie for sponsoring this post by gifting treatments and afternoon tea.