When it comes to fragrances I know what I like. I’m not someone who purchases a perfume every other month so when I do buy something new I’m careful in choosing a scent that I will love for months, if not years, to come.


Gal Meets Glam Cecily Dress

I find it difficult to choose a perfume that has a name rather than a description of the scent so instead I opt for simple and clean cut scents, such as ‘cherry blossom’ or ‘black tulip’ which are easily defined and can be matched to my mood or occasion.

At this time of year, during the warmer months, I tend not to wear anything heavy such as the rich notes that I might like in autumn or winter, and more so light fragrances which match the environment that I’m enjoying. Whether I’m sitting on a beach or enjoying a stroll in the countryside I love for my perfume to be perfectly matched to my surroundings.


It’s these reasons that led me to choosing Shay & Blue’s White Peaches perfume. Handcrafted in England, this perfume is like summer in a bottle with delicate notes of sweet white peaches alongside reminders of elderflower and other summer blossoms.

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while now you’ll know that my skin is prone to sensitivity so I’m always looking for something which is kind on both my skin and clothes, such as silk which can so easily be stained by oily perfumes. The real flowers, fruits and spices that are chosen to craft White Peaches makes this the perfect scent for summer but also for me to wear for many months without my skin becoming irritated or my clothes damaged.


At the moment I have this scent in perfume alone but with other products also available it’s possible to bring the smell of summer indoors. And when autumn does arrive, I can’t wait to switch to a new fragrance that smells just like that time of year should.

Thank you to Shay & Blue for sponsoring this post by gifting products.