If you’ve been a follower of Jules and the Crown for a little while then you’ll know that I’m prone to problematic skin. Since being a teenager, or perhaps even younger, I’ve suffered from breakouts and sensitive skin leading to a lack of confidence and years of trying a number of products.

Thankfully, I’m currently going through a phase of almost clear skin. I seem to have nailed my skincare regime and with the change in weather and more sunshine my breakouts have been banished.

To keep it up I’ve been investing in more time looking after my skin including using products when I should – moisturisers, oils and toners – as well as facials and drinking plenty of water. Everyone is different and I for sure know that no one regime suits all skin types, however here is what I currently feel is making all the difference to my skin.

Dress bought in Spain last year - similar here and here

Kind Products

I’ve definitely learned the hard way that not all products do what they say on the tin. Instead of opting for moisturisers, toners and cream which promise to ‘revolutionise’ I’ve been using those that are simple, straightforward and kind to my skin. Origins Checks and Balances is a great cleanser whilst ESPA’s Balancing Face Treatment Oil is a soothing means of calming the skin. I’ve also just recently purchased a jade roller which is the most amazing thing to keep in the fridge and apply just before bed.   

Facial Treats

If there’s one beauty treatment that I would choose to never live without it’s a facial. I do enjoy looking after my skin at home and using masks but nothing beats a facial with someone who really knows what they’re doing.

Ahead of our trip to Spain I booked in for an Elemis Biotec Radiance and Renew treatment at The Lounge in Chapelton which worked wonders. My skin instantly felt plumper, clearer and relaxed boosting my confidence ahead of holidaying.

If you’re in Aberdeen I can’t recommend this treatment enough. The team at The Lounge are so knowledgeable and with Chapelton just a few miles south of the city the salon is a little haven. You can book in for just one or a series of the Biotec facials and mix and match the techniques to suit your skin type.

Make Up Free Days

This must be the first time in almost forever that I’ve gone a long period without wearing make-up. Minus a little mascara I’ve been trying my very best to wear no make-up to work and only a little foundation and bronzer at the weekends. It’s taken some time to get used to but is definitely helping to keep my skin clear – not to mention saving time removing make-up before bed.

If you’re trying to wear less make-up but aren’t quite cold turkey yet then I highly recommend BareMinerals Original Foundation which also has SPF 15 helping to protect your skin on sunnier days. With a swipe of a good mascara such as Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara you’ll be good to go.  

Plenty of Water

I wish I could kick my bad habit of not drinking enough water. Although I am improving I still don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Not only is water important for your body to function as it should but it also makes a huge difference to the health of your skin, both in look and feel.

I’ve been keeping a cold bottle of water on my desk and thanks to my handy colleagues who remind me every hour or so to keep filling up I’m more hydrated by the time I leave the office.


Thank you to The Lounge in Chapelton for sponsoring part of this post.