I can be a little fussy when it comes to spa experiences. I don't particularly like the idea of a massage nor people being in my personal space. For these reasons I've struggled to find a spa in Aberdeen that I like, however that has now changed. 

The lovely people at Clarins in Debenhams, Aberdeen invited me to experience their signature facial and it was such a treat. My therapist, Erin, was extremely knowledgeable about the products and banished my worries about lying still for over an hour right away. 


After asking how I would like my skin to look following the treatment, I told Erin that I would love for my skin to have a healthy glow. And despite feeling very under the weather that week she definitely managed. 

The treatment lasts for 1 hour 25 minutes and includes a very relaxing hand and arm massage - a must for anyone, like me, who spends their whole day typing. By using a mix of products, all enriched with only natural ingredients, Erin was able to cleanse my skin, removing dead cells and underlying dirt, exfoliate, calm and moisturise leaving my face feeling super soft, fresh and blemish free. 

I often have troubles with dark circles under my eyes but the the Clarin's products and techniques worked their magic and made me look a whole lot less tired than I felt. I couldn't believe the difference and the best thing about the treatment was how relaxed both my body and mind felt afterwards. 


Having tried a number of Clarins products at home I'm now adding different items to my skincare routine. Look out for a follow up post in coming weeks! 

If you're in Aberdeen, I would highly recommend the Clarins Spa in Debenhams. Treat yourself with a 10% discount by using code JULIE10 on any products or spa packages. For more information, take a look at Thank you so much to Clarins for inviting me to enjoy this experience.